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bidonegrandeDescription: Detergent Elclean 300ES

Use: cleaning of live electrical plant, cleaning of elettronic appliances, cleaning of engine, transformers, cleaning of screens. television, and other appliance.very high dielettric strenght: 229,3kw/cm, remove dust and grease.

Property: very high dielettric strenght: 229,3kw/cm. SEV Certificate

Package: 60 liter drum.

PompaDescription: Appliance pressure
washer, Airless System. With trolley for an easy carriage.

Use: Material pressure continuously variable, Aircoat regolator for precise determination of the air, high quality Consistal pumping head.

Technical Data: engine power 1.3kw, weight 29kg, tension 230V/50Hz, max power (270 bar) 1,61/min.

Package: Supplied accessories: transport box with lid, trigger spray, special system for aspiration, flexy tube for high pressure 7,5m, isolated hands protection, isolated extension for gun AG09S, adjustable nozzle, turning device, protective ring of high isolation.

DPI: Helmet with visor, rubber glovers 1kw

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