Why use Elclean?

Because working in a clean environment simplifies all operations of general maintenance. It guarantees an easy and correct reading of identification markers/plates and cable labels. It removes dust and oil decreasing causes of encrustation or oxidation. It noticeably reduces maintenance time and costs. The system can be kept efficient most importantly in the parts which are not easily visible.

What advantages does Elclean give?

Definitely the opportunity of working on a device under voltage(till 1000Volt) without switching it off. Another characteristic of this product is to and bind the spoil. Capillarity, that is it can clean not only superficial parts but also the internal and hidden ones.

Is it dangerous?

Elclean system is very easy and safe if it's used by technical experts. The pump is little, easy to move and not unduly loud. The product is non-toxic and can also be used with other people around.

Will Elclean somehow damage components?

Elclean is strong enough to remove the grease from devices, but not so aggressive to damage rubber and plastic parts. Problems of softening of rubber components or plastic components weakining (porosity and/or corrosion) have never occurred.

Is Elclean hard to be used?

Elclean system is unique. A similar technology is the dry-ice system even though it's more suitable for the superficial cleaning of mechanical components as it's efficient only on the external parts. Compared to this system Elclean has the great advantage of penetrating and reaching internal components. Moreover it is meant to be used to clean electrical and electronic devices thanks to its hand tool which is smaller, more silent, easier to handle and on the whole simpler.

Why can it be used under voltage?

The liquid used is a mixture of isoparaffins with high dielectric characteristics, till 56Kv per 2,5cm. For legal and security reasons (electric arc <1meter) the use, in the presence of people, is reduced to 1000.

What does a proper dismantle of waste involve?

The product used during the cleaning phases doesn't need to be dismantled as the 90% of it evaporates while spraying it and the rest after almost 30 minutes (it depends on the environmental). The product which hasn't been used has to be dismantled according to the disposal considerations that can be found in the material safety data sheet.

Is it flammable?

Its flash point is > 40° C, but its auto ignition temperature is 240° C. Therefore it can cause a fire only if the liquid has been put in extremely hot areas and if it is sprayed on incandescent components or on flames. There's no danger of fire during the cleaning process.

Is it toxic?

The product is registered as NON-toxic. It is harmful if it's swallowed. If it exceeds the air saturation level of 350ml/m3 it is compulsory to use a respirator. However, this volumes are never reached during a normal cleaning activity.

Where can it be used?

Elclean can be used on every kind of device which has to do with electricity. From power units to voltage transformers, from switch panels to switchboards, etc. Thanks to its capillarity it's possible to clean the device concerned directly in loco without dismantling it or switching it off.

Where CAN’T it be used?

It can't be used on devices under voltage over 1000V if they are still switched on. It can't be applied on surfaces which have a direct contact with food. It can't be used on incandescent parts or on flames.

How many operators are necessary?

Normally the team involves 2 technicians: the first one deals with the cleaning of removable components, lids and protections, the second one with the cleaning of the device.

Must operators be experts?

It's important that those who deal with the cleaning process know the devices they're going to handle with. Normally this is the role of common electricians, who are taught how to use the pump and what its maintenance concerns.

How much liquid is necessary to clean a switchboard?

An average 1,5litres per square meter when it's used to clean switchboards in normal condition of dirt.

How long does it take?

Excluding the time necessary to remove and reassemble lids, it doesn't take long time to clean devices, approximately 10 minutes per square meter, in normal situations

How long should I wait before start working?

You don't need to wait for the liquid to get dry before switching all the devices. In fact, if it's not necessary for any other reason, you don't need to switch them off (till 1000V).

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service depends on the conditions, volumes, logistic and delivery time.

May I use Elclean with other pumps or instruments?

No, it's not possible because the scale of these instruments has been marked to be used with the liquid and moreover some components have been created on purpose. By using other devices or mixtures there's no guarantee by the producer anymore.
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